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 About John Morillion

John Morillon

John Morillion is a little Parisian boy who lived near Gare Saint-Lazare. Morillion was an extremely smart kid, and at the tender age of 7, Morillion lost his grandmother, which affected him a great deal. Seeing his condition, his parents decided him to send him off to an English boarding school to help him change of scenery. During his younger years, he was extremely fascinated with British culture and wanted to learn the language of John Lennon, and he began to perfect his English language. After his school days, he spent his time doing various jobs in places like New York and Vancouver, where he mainly hung out with Japanese and Indians. He was a great fan of french singers like Jacques Brel and Les Innocents, and later he took up writing articles in English, but according to him, the French rock songs he writes when translated to English automatically ends up looking like poetry.’

According to Morillion, when he was 15, he was suffering from travel mania and wanted to flee from his nest. This is how he ended up in Reims, where he ended up playing the guitar. He then started learning professional guitar by watching videos on the internet, and that is how he learned music in these initial days.

Rays of the blues sunshine


Today three professional musicians join Morillion in the stage where he tries to be a member of the group but cannot as he believes that he easily fades into the background as he is not a natural-born leader. Now Morillion’s voice sounds deep and raspy, which is mainly because of the noises he makes during the concert. He also added that his addiction to cigarettes and booze has made his voice sound mature. Although his parents would question his decision in life, he never wanted to be someone who ends up in a category of being called a ‘performer.’

His music

John’s music has a very deep and longing feeling, which lets the positivity prevail and which is an absolute must in his eyes. He believes that he accepts songs which do not clash with this Christian upbringing, where he believes has brought him the joy of sharing and the desire to help others and have a generally optimistic outlook in life.

His views on being onstage

On stage you see Morillion perform with style without going overboard. He believes that this helped him make good friends with the crowd as he does not want to have a big difference between what he shows on the stage, in the studio and in real life. He essentially wants to make rock music without him playing the part of the rock star.